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Remodeling and Home Design

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Knowledge is Key... You want high quality yet practical designs...? Our staff has years of hands on construction experience. That experience in combination with a knowledge and drive to implement the newest engineering and drafting technologies means that the team at CRE is able to provide you with a multitude of tools at your disposal.


.... the best questions from the field are ....

  • Top Down Design - we start with the roof & finish at the foundation
  • Custom Truss Design - Timber, Log, Steel, & Standard
  • Complete Framing Layouts - All joists, beams, hangers, etc
  • Lateral Design - Meeting the current IRC 2012 codes
  • Custom Foundation Designs - including ICF's
  • Proprietary Software - We have created our own Finite Element Analysis software allowing us to quickly and accurately design beams out of various materials that goes beyond commercially available software.

At CRE Design Engineering we take a lot of pride in creatively finding accurate and cost effective solutions to the sometimes very unique problems of complex designs. We search for staff that have previous field construction experience so your project can be properly visualized through the design process and our plans work in the field.


Structural Engineering