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Utility locates will be required prior to drilling.

  • Have you posted the address on the lot (if it's a vacant lot)? If not vacant, an existing address sign will be sufficient.

  • Has the structure/addition placement been marked on the lot? Marking the corners or marking the center of the proposed building site and noting that on the soil request form will be sufficient.

  • If requesting a percolation test, 3 flags will be required at 30 feet apart in the proposed leach field location.

  • It is the contractor’s/Owner’s responsibility to mark utilities from the street/meter to the proposed or existing structure and any private service lines within the property such as, but not limited to, sprinklers, water line, gas line, electrical line etc. If this is not clearly marked and a line is hit, CRE Design Engineering is not liable.

Our rig is 4 wheel drive with  many modifications to access rough terrain. However there are some limitations.

  • Has any brush, small trees, low hanging limbs been cleared/removed providing access to the proposed footprint area?

  • Are any access routs level enough to drive on. Typically a 15%-20% slope is the maximum "driveable" slope for top heavy vehicles such as our drill rig.

  • If required, all keys, gate combinations, etc. must be provided for lot access.


As you're planning for your next project and putting all of the pieces together, you may find that some soils testing is required. We can not only assist in completing the soils testing itself but would also like to offer a few things to consider as you're beginning to plan for the actual testing process. Below you will find two diagrams showing the dimensional constraints of  our drill rig.

~~CRE Design Engineering is a reliable leader with 50+ years of geotechnical, geological, and slope stability experience. Through our team of experienced engineering consultants and field technicians, CRE can identify potential soil problems and issues in commercial, residential and specialty projects. With our experienced operators CRE is able to provide precise field logging, sampling and testing for foundation recommendations to start your project out on the right foot.