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Remodeling and Home Design

CRE’s qualified laboratory and testing technicians complement our special inspectors with the knowledge, equipment, and facilities needed to conduct materials tests that meet IBC, IRC, ASTM, AASHTO, CDOT, and local government testing requirements. Our current capabilities include common tests related to concrete, soils, and asphalt materials.

Material Testing Services

Ø  Masonry

Ø  Asphalt

Ø  Structural Steel

Ø  Elevation Surveys

Ø  Fireproofing

Ø  Floor Flatness

Ø  Open Hole

Ø  Shoring

Ø  Fill Placement & Compaction

Ø  Welding

Ø  Pier Drilling

Ø  Reinforcing Steel

Ø  Retaining Walls

Ø  Turn Of The Nut

Ø  Over-Excavation Steel & Re-Placement

Ø  Post Tensioned Slabs

Ø  Concrete

Ø  Void, Drain & Damp Proofing

CRE Design Engineering, Inc. (CRE) offers a broad range of special inspections that are required by local building departments, engineers, architects, or owners. Inspections are completed by CRE inspectors with a minimum 10 years of inspection, design, and construction experience. Adherence to specifications is monitored and documented by licensed engineers and certified inspectors.
CRE takes pride in the abilities to not only provide the routine and every day inspections, but the more uncommon ones too.  We will develop a special inspection program for your project to ensure compliance with project plans, intent, and specifications. Inspections CRE routinely performs include:

Special Inspection Services

Construction Services